Stanley Weiss Memorial Fund for Experimental Psychology

The Stanley Weiss Memorial Fund for Experimental Psychology (the Fund) was established to recognize and honor Stan’s lifelong passion, dedication and contributions to the field of experimental psychology, focusing on animal conditioning and learning.  Stan felt that in recent years the development of this field has been inhibited by the lack of exposure of new students and researchers to its elegance and promise, and by insufficient personal interaction with its leaders.  The goal of the Fund is to help advance the field of experimental psychology and animal learning studies by addressing these gaps.

We believe that Stan would have been gratified to know that support for this goal has been established in his memory.  The following allocation categories are anticipated: conference support, stipends to graduate students for costs of attending professional conferences, scholarships, or other means of helping to meet the fund’s goal.  These categories will be refined, and selections will be made, with the guidance of  Stan’s colleagues and other researchers in the field.  The fund has been established with sufficient funding to provide about $4,000/year in perpetuity.  We would appreciate any additional donations to increase the funds available to support and advance study and research in animal conditioning and learning.